Haunted Friday: Ogre’s Alley

We at Wayward Rogues publishing love Halloween and scary stories so we present this spooky little haunt to throw at your players. From the upcoming Bright Mountain Valley Players Sourcebook.

When the ogres took Brighton they executed then Princess Aarora to demoralize the town.
It worked. Over the next five months they beheaded nearly two hundred citizens upon a rock in the town square. When Brighton was liberated, the chief executioner was beheaded on the same rock as a symbol of poetic justice. Instead, the negative energy of the evil giant was anchored to the blood-stained stone. The boulder was then hurled into a dense ravine by Bright Mountain.

After Grias Koll, a jewelry merchant, had the stone turned into street bricks, he brought the murderous spirit back to Brighton. There are a total of nine red stone bricks fixed into the street before his old abandoned shop, three by three. The center stone contains the haunted energy of the executioner.

Ogre’s Alley Haunt CR 3
(Princess Execution)
XP 800
Alignment CE Haunt area 15’
CL 3
Notice Perception DC 16 (hear the faint sound of a woman crying accompanied by a blade sharpening.)
HP 6
Trigger: touch; center 5’ square stone in the haunt area. The haunt senses and can target any living creature in its area.
Reset: 1 day (DC 13)
Effect: When triggered a large, ectoplasmic form of an ogre brandishing a cruel-looking battle ax. It chuckles and vanishes but the ax does not. Any living creature within the area is subject to an attack by the spiritual weapon (as per the spell CL 3).
Destruction: The center stone must be removed, shattered, and then buried separately in a meadow of wildflowers. If only the center stone is shattered and removed but not buried, a new stone forms when the haunt resets.

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