Cultures of Celmae


The shattered world of Celmae has many distinct and flavorful human cultures. There are the Brynnyn in vast, Bright Mountain valley, the ocean worshiping Majeed, the magically attuned Doer, the horse horde of the Nodari, and the rugged, Hammer kings of Rogaard. In the following weeks we will be releasing small products featuring each of these human cultures, which includes a brief overview of the culture, a major kingdom they rule, a god entry for the local faith, and new options specific for each; ie traits, feats, and new equipment.

With support from players like you we are moving closer to our goal of releasing the Shattered Skies Campaign Setting: Guide to the West later this fall.

We hope you come along and explore the Cultures of Celmae and carve out your characters heroic legend under the Shattered Skies.

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