Realm of the Ashen King


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The planar realm of the Leaden Hand is a sunless desert of fine ash and coal dust known as the Ashen Waste. Half-submerged pyramids dot the otherwise barren landscape, each crawling with the zombies, wights, and greater mummy servants of the Ashen King. Deep in the hearts of these foul monuments exists an undead creature of immense power dedicated to the will of it’s god. These beings are tasked with forever guarding the Master with Garnet Eyes’s most valued treasures.

The king rules from the Searing Ziggurat, a massive steeped pyramid made from jagged obsidian, inter-laced with bluish-silver veins. It is patroled by deathless curates while liches catalog and study within the Library of Vile Secrets, a chamber said to exist somewhere in the fortress.Other nameless horrors lurk within the scorched halls of the Ziggurat, waiting for the Ashen King’s command to burn Celmae to cinders.

The Molten Spasm

Cutting the Ashen Waste in two like a bright, angry scar, is the Molten Spasm. This river of lava never cools and can melt osmium to liquid in seconds. Cinder Ghouls and corrupted fire elementals swim about in the volatile liquid, eagerly attacking any being that comes close to the river. A colossal undead shark called Brineburn claims the western portion of the Spasm as it’s lair and its violent tantrums often cause waves of lava to splash upon the surrounding shoreline.

The Blistering Oasis

One hundred miles east of the Molten Spasm, upon a plateau of obsidian, lies the Blistering Oasis. Visitors find the stone cool to the touch, and the surrounding air free of heated coal-dust. A pool of pure, clean water and orange trees greet travelers,along with the resident of the oasis; an efreet named Rohanilms. This capricious and playful genie is bound to forever serve the Ashen King due to a series of wishes spoken against him thousands of years ago. While he would love nothing more than to escape his service, the powerful geas spells woven onto him, require him to alert his master immediately whenever outsiders approach his lair, and attack any who even suggest rescuing him.

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