January Releases

January is a busy month for the Wayward Rogues crew. We have three new releases this month, so we hope you enjoy.

grfcoverlogoFirst up is the Skyrider Hybrid class. Aerial combat is a major feature of the Shattered Skies® Campaign Setting and this class catapults players into the action. A combination of the cavalier and ranger, the skyrider takes the fight to her foes, both on land, and high above in the clouds. As she gains level, she leans new aerial maneuvers as her griffon advances in strength and power. Also featuring archetypes to help flesh out your skyrider character!

Written by Angel “ARMR” Miranda






retcovericonOur next Hybrid class, the Revanchist is a vengeance
seeking  character based on the Crow and Ghost Rider, with a little Clint Eastwood on top. The fantasy world’s “punisher” the revanchist hunts down murderers and criminals wherever they might lurk, and brings them to justice. A combination Cavalier and inquisitor, the feature ability of the revanchist is its ghostly mount. Riding into battle on this spectral steed is sure to strike fear into the heart of any evil doer.

Written by Robert Gresham






lovcoviconFor the 5th edition fans out there, we’ve compiled a small Lovecraftian Bestiary for use in your home game. The terrors of the mythos are a fan favorite of gamers everywhere and we wanted to provide players a version of these horrific monsters to add to the worlds most popular roleplaying game.

Written by Robert Gresham







orccoverNext month we delve deeper into the rich cultures of Celmae, this time, taking an in-depth look at the savage Orcs. These barbaric humanoids once controlled vast empires, and enslaved entire human civilizations stretching across the continent of Brynndell.They built massive monuments dedicated to their evil war gods, and sacrificed thousands in their name. Decimated by the Shattering, their race was scattered or driven into the sea, but their pyramid ruins still hold many valuable treasures and powerful secrets, calling out to adventurers everywhere.

Written by Michael Reynolds, and Jarrett Sigler

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