Now Available: The Revanchist

Our new hybrid class releases today: the revanchist! reticonic

When an innocent is wronged, and the guilty go unpunished, the revanchist steps forth to make sure that justice is served. Caring nothing for redemption, she rides into battle, vengeance in her heart, focused on making evil doers pay.

A hybrid Cavalier/Inquisitor class

I was inspired to make this class by watching  revenge seeking characters in films such as The Punisher, Pale Rider, The Crow, Ghost Rider, and Unforgiven.

When I read the new occult options for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game, I realized I could design something like those revenge-based characters with the supernatural flavor of a few of them. The name, revanchist (re-van-kist) is French and it means revenge. Perfect for what this class encapsulates.

I’m proud of this hybrid class, let me know what you think with a review!

Written by Robert Gresham
Art by Dionisis Milonas


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