March Release : The Empath

Empath-CoverlogoWe are very pleased to announce our upcoming March release Jarrett Sigler’s, Empath. A hybrid class of the psychic and cleric, this new option harnesses and employs raw emotion as defensive and offensive abilities.

The author himself, Jarrett Sigler, had this to share about the class:

“Working on the empath has been an absolute blast.  Emotions are the most powerful thing one can invoke.  Looking at history teaches this in spades.  Name a single historical figure, and you can associate an emotion.  Try it yourself:


Alexander the Great
Martin Luther King Jr.
Edgar Allen Poe
Amelia Earhart
Susan B Anthony

Harriet Tubman

Each of these names generates a specific emotion.  Some even generate a few, and some even inspire.  Reflecting on this inspiration, and the emotions therein was an interesting process.  Creating mechanics that play with these emotions was not easy, but it was definitely eye opening.

Pathfinder has some emotion based rules but not a lot, and creating whole new ones out of the air, was risky.  What I wanted to focus on was manipulating what rules exist with emotional flavor.  I look to the emotional spectrum, and found the biggest, starkest differences in the emotional spectrum to focus on, and I found mechanics to fill in from there.

The Deep Bond is a simple ability, and it is likely the ability that will stand out the most to people.  To maintain the sense of the cleric heritage without pulling form the divine sourcing was tough.  I chose to mimic the Channel Energy ability, because it’s the iconic ability of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game cleric.  However, I wanted to change it, and create this idea that the empath is as deeply emotional and connected as the cleric is filled with piety.  I wanted to build a power that reminded people of the channel energy class feature but make people think “Hmm, that’s a unique twist.”

Where the empath will shine is the emotional sensitivity class feature.  It’s a single choice that flavors the class towards a different mentality.  Some empaths will assist destruction, some will aid allies in times of peace, and others will just try to create a good time.  You will know which the empath will favor just by seeing what emotion the empath is sensitive to.  My goal was to create a simple flow of power with the ability; basic sensitivity, ramping up to full control of when people feel that emotion.  It was a ride.
I hope you enjoy the empath!  It’s a solid little caster that will be a wonderful addition to any adventuring party.
Let me know what you think!”
Make sure to grab your copy and let Jarrett know what you think about the Empath.

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