May is Upon us! News and Product Schedule

May is an exciting month for the Rogues. Besides our product releases we are prepping up to visit both PDXAge and Paizo Con; two of the most anticipated tabletop game conventions in the great northwest. While we aren’t exhibiting our own booth, our publisher and founder, Robert Gresham, will be on hand running and playing scenarios with the Pathfinder Society Organized play. Make sure you stop by and say hello!

taccoverlogoSpeaking of our May products, first up is “Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn. Here you will find five, one-session scenarios beginning at everybody’s favorite location: the town tavern! From classic bar brawls, to dangerous forays through fetid, forgotten sewers, the Laughing Dragon is the place in Brighton to find adventure! Written by popular Third Party authors Rodney Sloan, Thiago Rosa, Simon Munoz, Jarrett Sigler, Robert Gresham, Anthony Toretti, and Kendra Leigh Speedling. Come discover the Laughing Dragon’s hidden history today!

$4.99 pdf

Available Friday, April 29!





incarnatecoverNext up is the Incarnate Hybrid Class: a barbarian/oracle with a sinister secret, written by the horrifically talented Rodney Sloan. Here are some of the designers own words about this new character option for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

In the song Deep, Deep Trouble (The Simpsons Sing the Blues: 1990), Bart Simpson sings “Well, you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t”. That’s an incredibly scary thought to me; that no matter how hard I try to run from something, I might never escape. It’s all a matter of destiny.

The Incarnate hybrid class, published by Wayward Rogues Publishing, brings the idea of irrevocable destiny to the fore. A cleric might choose which god she serves, but an incarnate has this choice snatched from her grasp. That means the incarnate draws on the awesome powers of her benefactor, but also that she has a big choice to make. Does she serve her patron faithfully, or try to take back control of her fate from the grasp of an immensely powerful alien entity?

The incarnate draws from the oracle and barbarian classes, making her a powerful melee fighter. In combat, she becomes a conduit for her patron’s power when she enters soulrage, unleashing powerful godlike abilities linked to her patron’s mystery. Her apotheosis continues as she advances in levels, eventually becoming a true incarnation of her god at level 20.

$2.99 pdf

Available Friday, May 13!

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