Thoughts on the Librarian Hybrid Class

By Jarrett Sigler

librarian-iconI have five years of work experience with librarians. They are a wonderful specimen of humanity. The job of a librarian isn’t to know, it’s to know how to find. Cataloging, organizing, and research are the tools of an excellent librarian. Each librarian I’ve met has shared this ability to locate books with anyone they have come across. There are a few memorable stories about people with questions like:

“The cover of this book is blue, and it… is uh… about history and stuff?”

“I want a book about a dog… but not a sad one?”

“I want a book on this obscure historical fact, that I’m remembering about… but I don’t know the year, or who it’s about, but someone may have loved tacos?”

The librarians I have known looked upon these requests as a challenge. They asked questions, probed the exact request of each patron. Each bit of information helps find the correct book. Its a process of helping an individual locate the necessary information to get themselves to the goal. It’s a spectacle of human skill and patience.
The fantasy version of a librarian is an intriguing beast to tackle. How do you represent that desire to research knowledge and catalog information? How do you represent that with game mechanics? How do you find make that useful in a dungeon? There were many attempts to try to quantify each task a librarian takes. Creating the librarian hybrid class was the process of boiling down to find what is an academic.

These were the questions I asked myself when I came to this project. This was a curiosity that was a pleasure to explore. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed analyzing the concept.

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