New Releases: Windblade & Oyapok

A lot of exciting things have been happening at the Wayward Rogues offices.

The Guardians of Pathfinder…official Portland/Vancouver PFS lodge

Last month our publisher, Robert Gresham, attended PDXAge in Portland and Paizo-Con in Seattle. We weren’t exhibiting this year; Rob GM’d some PFS and then traveled to attend seminars and game some more with other industry professionals. But after his reports about the cons, expect to see Wayward Rogues hosting sessions of new adventures just for those conventions! Stay tuned for more information about that.






We are excited to present two new products, The Windblade Hybrid class and the Oyapok Race book. Both will be out in the next few weeks.

windblade-coverFirst up is the windblade hybrid class. Scions of elemental bloodlines, windblades harness, and employ the power of the air around them. These planes-touched souls are drawn to the skies, indulging in their mysterious abilities among the clouds. These innately powerful spellcasters fight with conjured weapons of pure electricity and it is these arms from which they derive their name. While some seek to protect the skies from the malevolent forces that dwell there, others seek to control, or ruin them with destructive environmental magic. Regardless, all windblades are drawn to the air above, and devote their lives to mastering its secrets.

The windblade hybrid-class releases Friday, June 17. Written by Robert Gresham




oyapok-coverFans will recall that the Oyapok race book was Wayward Rogues Publishing’s very first release back in September of 2014. Semi-aquatic, small humanoids, these swamp people excel at hunting the reptilian horrors of their swamps.This updated edition by the talented Simon Peter Munoz presents the history and culture of these furred marsupial-men, along with a new racial build with player options that should excite any fan of small, stealthy characters.

Cultures of Celmae: Oyapok, releases Friday, July 01. Written by Simon Munoz.

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