Hybrid Classes Vol. 2: Horror Heroes

Hybrid-CoverJuly sees two new hybrid classes enter the fold: the Bullet Disciple and the Dimensionist. to give these two classes their proper due, we are featuring them in a compilation book featuring four of our most popular classes. Each hybrid in this tome can be used in a horror themed campaign and so bunching them together just feels like the right thing to do. Some of the classes will be on display in our upcoming adventure path Whispers of the Dark Mother, available in October!

Here is a sneak preview of the introduction:
Chapter One of this book details the powers and abilities of six hybrid classes, each encapsulating an atmosphere of horror.
Chapter Two introduces new archetypes for the new classes.
Chapter Three presents new feats, spells, and traits for further customization of horror hybrid characters.
Bullet Disciple- This gunslinger-monk follows the spiritual way of the gun. Students of the Sights of Enlightenment, they believe the gun is a metaphor for life, and seek to emulate it’s brutal, sleek efficiency.
Dimensionist- The Dimensionist refolds reality with arcane spells, tamed wild talents, and sinister distortions. With the aid of an aberrant familiar, she invokes strange geometry to warp space and matter in horrific ways.
Incarnate- Living cursed lives as the avatar of a sinister, otherworldly entity, incarnates are Infused with terrible powers of their dark benefactor, becoming brutal forces in combat.
Librarian- Bureaucratic emissaries of esoteric and occult lore, this hybrid bard occultist uses psychic magic to boost his abilities and those of his allies.
Revanchist- Sometimes, when someone has been deeply wronged, they become consumed with the need for revenge. The revanchist, a hybrid cavalier-inquisitor, travels the world dispensing justice in a never ending quest of vengeance.
Vivisectionist- This alchemist necromancer uses foul extracts from forbidden formulas to create and augment undead. She takes on aspects of the grave with her heinous mutagens.

Hybrid Classes Vol.2 Horror Heroes will be available July 29th.

$5.99 .pdf


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