Horror Heroes: Dimensionist

Dim-coverToday our new book, Hybrid Classes Vol.2: Horror Heroes releases and included among the new options is the terrifying Dimensionist. Here are some design notes from author Aaron Hollingsworth about this exciting new hybrid.

“I am excited to announce the upcoming publication of my first hybrid class for Wayward Rogues Publishing! Introducing the Dimensionist, a Lovecraftian horror-based class based on the witch and keneticist! In the hidden corners of space and matter, some powers are better left unknown!

This project came to me most unexpectedly. I never thought to write anything beyond my own fiction. And yet, the pull of writing up an HPL-flavored class based on the world’s greatest role-playing game could not be resisted. The assignment challenged me to put a new spin on familiar ideas.

The Dimensionist provides an odd-yet-varied assortment of player options. In a way, it is like a puzzle of a strange, abstract painting; no matter how you fit the pieces, you’ll still get something strange and abstract. Like any worthy agent of the unknown forces, the dimensionist has a bric-a-brac of powers and techniques to be used in unexpected ways.

Ever wonder what an eccentric physicist would be like as a character class? How about a creepy math teacher with secret “hobbies”? A scientist preoccupied by occult research? A medieval beldam obsessed with strange geometry? Now, give this person a nightmarish pet that can literally tear through enemies, and you’ve only scratched a few of the dimensionist’s many surfaces!”

Hybrid-CoverWant to know more? Check out Hybrid Classes Vol.2: Horror Heroes, available now!

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