Whispers of the Dark Mother Adventure Path

$3.99 .PDF

The Whispers of the Dark Mother Adventure Path begins with “Seeds of Evil,” where the heroes discover an ancient, eldritch menace threatening the town of Brighton. Initially hired to recover seedlings from hostile jungle plants, they soon learn that their employer is involved with a dark cult with horrific plans. Can the adventurers defeat the cultists before they murder an eccentric town noble, and steal a tome of unspeakable evil?

This volume launches the Whispers of the Dark Mother Adventure Path and includes:

“Seeds of Evil,” a PFRPG compatible adventure for 1st-level characters, by Robert Gresham.

New grotesque and frightful monsters, by Jarett Sigler.


Whispers of the Dark Mother is a six-part, mini adventure path that takes player characters from 1st to 7th level. Pitted against the cult of Shub-Niggurath, the heroes must prevent the group’s leaders from augmenting themselves with cosmic power, and awakening ancient terrors that could threaten all life on Celmae. Beginning in the town of Brighton, characters will travel all over the kingdom of Brynndell, learning its rich history while fighting the machinations of the vile cult. They will also encounter its most famous monster, the legendary Beast of Bright Mountain Valley.

Whispers of the Dark Mother will release a chapter twice a month beginning October 2016 culminating in December 2016.



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