September Releases. 2 Year Anniversary! Prelude to Whispers

2-year-anniversary-image2 Year Anniversary

This September is a very special occasion for the Wayward Rogues crew as it marks our second full year of operation. While the year was not as profitable as we had hoped, with a couple of failed releases, it was exciting nonetheless. We visited Paizo Con, Game Storm, and PDXage, and made great connections for the years to come. One day Gen Con…one day…

To Celebrate our Two-Year anniversary, we are offering a special bundle of our Shattered Skies products all month long! Valued at 80% off the cover price, the products in the bundle are a great introduction to the world of Celmae and an awesome opportunity to complete your collection. Included will be all of our current products released from September 2014 through August 2016. The bundle will sell for 19.99, with steep discounts for those who already own some of the contents.



cover-revisedPrelude to Whispers of the Dark Mother

The Shattered Skies of Celmae have long faced slithering horrors and cosmic threats beyond comprehension. This October the danger comes to a head in the Whispers of the Dark Mother Adventure Path. The peaceful kingdom of Brynndell is about to come under siege by the cult of Shub-Niggurath; the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand young! This terrible, ancient deity has dark plans for the residents of Bright Mountain Valley, and it is up to brave heroes to stop her.

This mini Adventure Path takes characters from 1st level through 7th level. Beginning in the Town of Brighton, the PC’s will travel all over the valley, exploring the seaside city of Griffonport to navigating the intrigue filled streets of the Capitol City of Brynndell.

To kick off Whispers of the Dark Mother, September brings The Guide to the Cult of Shub-Niggurath. This updated and revised edition of one of our earliest products brings over a dozen new pages of material about this vile sect, including new spells, feats, traits. and class archetypes. this 24 page book provides everything a sadistic Game Master needs to deliver countless nights of nightmare fuel to their players.


The Spy Who Loved Thee

spycover   If horror isn’t your group’s thing, and you play more of a social/ intrigue based campaign, September’s other offering, The Super Spy Hybrid Class, may be just what you’re looking for. Sure, other spy classes exist already, but none match the power of the Super Spy. Based on the Investigator and the Vigilante, the Super Spy brings a bit of cinematic espionage play to your gaming table. The Super Spy makes use of his signature ability, Audacity, to perform daring deeds that defy the impossible, and is rounded out by selecting a range of abilities from a list of Spy Traits. He makes use of unique, wondrous items to ensure the success of his missions, and employs his dashing social skills to make any court of backstabbing nobles his playground. Pick up your licence to kill this September!


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