November Releases

tower-coverlogo   The Whispers are now in full swing, with parts one and two already released. Designer Maria Smolina shares some of her thoughts about working on Tower of Hidden Doors:

   “Writing horror adventures is always a challenge. It is a matter of designing the dark and mysterious things, uncontrollable by a basic sword swing or a turn of a lockpick – and still making them defeatable by whatever means adventurers have at their hands. The unknown and uncontrollable creates the very feeling of helplessness common to many genres of horror; the accessibility of a solution makes it manageable instead of frustrating. Missing the first part makes heroic-style adventures where characters just roll over encounters, without seeing much difference between a common orc and a “scary” undead. Missing the second part makes a horror story rather than an adventure, with player characters having too little influence on what is happening to them. Working on the Tower of Hidden Doors adventure has provided me with a plenty of opportunities to play with this fine balance.
I am really excited that I have got a chance of contributing to creation of the Whispers of the Dark Mother adventure path. This is both because I had an opportunity to see how a really cool adventure arises from the very basic scenario, but also because it is my first time in participating in a cooperative adventure path design. I believe I had easier time than other writers – after all, at low levels any player characters are still weak, they tend to become easy prey for the things lurking in the darkness.
Which things exactly? Well, no spoilers here! They are still lurking there, in the Tower of Hidden Doors, waiting for guests.”

deeds-of-evil-cover-iconThe adventure continues this month in the haunted house thriller, Despicable Deeds. The party now knows the Cult of Shub-Niggurath’s black tentacles reach into the courts of Brighton’s nobles. Armed with evidence, the PC’s travel to Griffonport to confront the culprit, only to become trapped inside his haunted home in a terrifying cat-and-mouse game with a killer! Can they escape, and bring an unwholesome villain to justice?
Also included:

New, terrifying undead to torment your players,
An overview of Coirithradail, the god of currency, and literacy. By Jacob Michaels
Despicable Deeds is an adventure for 3rd level heroes.

By Charlie Brooks.

Coming November 25th.


ww-cover   For those looking to add a little wonder to their table-top, November also sees the release of the Wonderworker Hybrid class. Written by Aaron Hollingsworth, author of the ArmJack Hybrid Class, Luminary Hybrid Class, and the Dimensionist Hybrid Class, Aaron brings his unique talent and prose to another amazing player option. This druid-wizard can best be described as an “Animated, Disney-esque Character”.

Want to know more? Check out this new class November 18th.


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  1. Dear Sirs, after purchasing “Tower Of Hidden Doors”, unfortunately I have to report a layout mistake once again. On page 21 in the new ritual description, the last sentence on the page starts with: “It returns to…”, and on page 22 the page starts with “EFFECT: The living creature…” Obviously, there is something missing. Please correct this mistake. Hoping to hear from you soon! Christian Werthmann

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