“There is no place for grief in a house which serves the Muse.”


prodigy-cover   Wayward Rogues Publishing is proud to present our newest Hybrid Class, the Prodigy. Inspired by the greatest artists who have ever lived, this new class combines the bard and the spiritualist for a dynamic new player option. Designers Dave and Beth Breitmaier were very kind to share the following words about creating this exciting new hybrid class.

“Our experience creating the prodigy was exactly what you might expect for a married couple developing their first hybrid class. There was joy, mild panic, and lots of creative banter—occasionally peppered with some productive squabbling. At the end of it all, though, there was consensus on what we hope will be a fun, fresh class for anyone to play.

An initial round of brainstorming immediately led us to the bard. Bards are adaptable, beloved for their versatility, and can bolster a party like no other class. Over hasty spaghetti dinners and supermarket errands, we vetted and debated our burning questions and hypotheticals. What if artists and performers found inspiration from somewhere unexpected? What if that inspiration involved the unique allure of an occult class? What if, like the spiritualist, the hybrid class had a psychic connection to an outsider?

The prodigy was our attempt to answer these questions and more. In addition to a solid spell caster, we wanted to make a character with an insatiable drive to transform its world through talent and performance. We wanted the prodigy, with its innate talent and drive toward perfection, to be a class that could make even the dreariest setting campaign more colorful.

Above all else, the symbiotic relationship between prodigy and muse was the most fun to play with. Different than a phantom or other bonded spirit companion, the muse is a constant source of creative inspiration. While we looked to the nine muses of Greek mythology, we tried to give the prodigy’s muse more flexibility. The goal was always to keep everything ‘setting-neutral’ enough so that in any world or campaign, the prodigy and her muse would be a powerful duo to be reckoned with.

As character-driven GMs and players, we wanted to give players the freedom to create flavorful new characters—or even breathe the life of fantasy into the great artists of old. What would Beethoven’s muse have looked like—or Plato’s? We all know people who are praised as ‘geniuses’ or prodigies. Imagine the art and performances they could create with a muse.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing the prodigy as much as we did writing it.”

This inspired new class will be available for players and GM’s Friday, December 30th.


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