The Whispers Conclude!

This month our very first mini Adventure Path comes to an end. We are very happy to announce Beasts of Bright Mountain. Crafting this adventure path has been an exciting learning experience for our company, and one we hope to duplicate again soon. Authors Robert Gresham, Maria Smolina, Jarrett Sigler, Charlie Brooks, Rodney Sloan, and Derek Blakely delivered a scary, weird, and exciting campaign and we at Wayward Rogues Publishing were overjoyed at the result. We hope you enjoyed Whispers of the Dark Mother and join us next time….for the Ravenous Ruin

Author Derek Blakely shares his thoughts on Beasts of Bright Mountain:

“Writing the final chapter to an already established and engaging adventure path is quite the feat. There’s always the concern that the end game isn’t as enjoyable or enticing as the previous adventures the heroes completed. You have to try and make the encounters as memorable as possible instead of having players talk about how predictable they were. Writing horror adventures are that much more difficult as you need to give a sense of danger and an air of caution to the tale. Working on this gave me a better sense for what other cooperative adventure path writers must endure. I’m glad I got to be part of the experience. I definitely learned a lot from it.”

Beasts of Bright Mountain is a 6th level adventure and the last installment to the Whispers of the Dark Mother adventure path.

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