Race into the Future!

We are proud to present our new player race, the Un-men. There’s something not quite right about these pharmaceutical traders from the cold reaches of space. Are they human, where are they from…

what do they want?

Written by Ewan Cummins. Here are a few short words from the author about this uncanny new player option.

“I started with two scientific concepts: the uncanny valley and cryobiosis. From that base, I created the first crude version of the Un-Men and posted the write-up, which was hardly longer than this blog entry, in a gaming forum. People liked it. The Un-Men as they first appeared were meant as a creepy but not necessarily hostile encounter for a science-fiction game. Monsters. To make them a playable race for Starjammer and the Fractured Future line, I added mutants and expanded the race’s physiology, psychology, technology, and social organization. I gave Un-Men an origin that creates a new mystery.”

Un-men is available Here at Paizo

Here at the Open Game Store

or Here at OBS

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