New Starjammer Race! The Ezzana!

We are happy to present our second sci-fi race, the Ezzana! These gunslinging fey were forged in the lava vents of a hostile planet, and now they must take to the stars in order to survive! Below are a few words from creator Ewan Cummins about this exciting new player option.

Designer’s notes: Ezzana

This species started off with an idea I’ve kicked about before: early development of gunpowder technology by a primitive culture. Cavemen with guns! Other inspirations included nonfiction on caves and troglofauna, nonfiction on eusocial insects, myths and cultures of the Classical world and the Fertile Crescent, recent exoplanet discoveries, fairy stories, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and early 20th Century sword-and-planet fiction.


We hope you enjoy the Ezzana, and that they are able to find a home in your homebrew Starjammer or Pathfinder compatible game!

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