Pilgrims From Beyond the Void

We are happy to present the third installment in Ewan Cummins’s exciting Future Races series. Meet the Ethernauts-Post-human descendants of explorers altered forever by the ghostly legacy of a dead civilization. They navigate the infinite mists of the Deep Ethereal, pursuing strange quests and grim vendettas inherited from eons long past.

Fractured into two, theocratic sects, one side seeks to warn and protect against the foulness from the Void, while the other embraces the depravity of the Spaces Between the Stars, promising to break and remake worlds in their image.

Designer’s Notes: Ethernauts
My initial concept was pretty straightforward: space-based post-human race with a mythic-historical connection to alien worlds and strange cosmic entities.
Looking back, I see how I was influenced by a lot of disparate elements: H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, The White Ship, by Celtic British mythology and legend, The Starry Messenger of Galileo, an old psychology textbook, Nietzsche, scientific speculation about adapting humans to extraterrestrial conditions, etc.

We hope you enjoy the Ethernauts, and that they are able to find a home in your homebrew Starjammer, or Pathfinder compatible game!

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