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Ewan Cummins

Future Races

 Unmen

The Eternal Matrix constructs certain female Unmen with bio-mechanical uteruses, in which the Unmen can grow homunculi. The creation process requires gametes from a living human male (Unmen with male bodies have no sexual function whatever), collected in the usual human way or introduced via artificial means. The typical homunculus resembles a deformed babylike Unman with spiny wings.
When not active, the homunculus rides inside the uterine cavity, resting and repairing its body. Because Unmen cannot feel pain, the mother has only to squat and pause for fast delivery or retrieval of her homunculus, as the little creature claws its way up or down, in or out.

 Ripper Dogs
GMs may notice this race has rather potent stats. The Ripper Dogs, as written, are roughly equivalent to drow nobles.
But what if such a powerful race doesn’t fit the needs of your game? Try this lower-powered option:Replace the +2 bonuses to all physical ability scores with a +2 bonus to any single physical ability score. Retain all other adjustments and traits.

 Qlaarpian Indigenes
This is another race that might be a bit potent for the requirements of some campaigns (it’s roughly equivalent to svirfneblin). No problem. Just eliminate the +2 to Dexterity. Give them a +2 racial type bonus to Reflex saving throws. Falling objects, and falls, are bad news in a higher gravity environment.

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