The Ravenous Ruin has Begun!

The Freedom Games summons competitors from throughout the civilized world, but the events are doomed. Agents of evil have a vile plan for the unwary citizens of Omnilibertas, and heroes must rise to face terrifying foes, or the free city could fall forever to an ancient horror.

Can these raiders be stopped? Who sent them? What do they want?

The Hunger from Below is the first installment of The Ravenous Ruin, a six-part quest taking players from 7th level through 12th level. Within are 26 pages of thrilling adventure, new monsters, magical items, plus a primer on the city of Omnilibertas, its eccentric freedom-minded citizens, and an overview of Hastroi, God of Valor.

-Robert Gresham


From Author Rodney Sloan of Rising Pheonix Games:

Building the Hunger from Below

The Hunger from Below is here, kicking off the Ravenous Ruin adventure path (AP). It was a great privilege to write for Wayward Rogues Publishing again, especially after all the fun of the last AP. Let me tell you a little about what you can expect in this first adventure.

From the start, Robert Gresham had a great plan for The Hunger from Below. My job was to connect the dots, fill in the blanks, and give GMs a few underhanded tricks to keep up their sleeves. There’s a lot in the book: maps, new monsters, magical items, haunts, and some games to let your players experience the Freedom Games of Omnilibertas.

And that’s just part of it. Robert, Michael Whitney, Jarrett Sigler, and Ewan Cummins added a ton of content, making this adventure well worth the price of entry.

We’ve built an adventure chock full of useful toys for GMs. It’s easy enough to come up with an adventure, but you’ll want to pick this up for all the content that’s ready to play. Armed with this content, you can let your players run wild, throwing new challenges at them when the time’s right.

And oh, what fun you’ll have.

I hope you’ve practiced your evil GM laugh.


Rodney Sloan

Rodney’s credits include the Player’s Companion for the DMs Guild and Belly of Rot for our own Whispers of the Dark Mother AP. His mom always said he was a wayward rogue. You can find him on Twitter.

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