Who are the Rogues?

Con-PosterRobert Gresham has been published six times in Wayfinder Magazine, twice for PFC, and a half-dozen times for Yahoo! He was a guest editor on Rite Publishing’s Coliseum Morpheuon fiction anthology. He is the developer and lead designer for the Shattered Skies® Campaign Setting™. He lives in Portland Oregon with his girlfriend, three children, and his cat the “A-bomb-able” Yeti.

Jessica Carson writes fantasy and flash fiction. Her short stories have appeared in Coliseum Morpheuon: Anthology of Dreams, Wayfinder magazine, Pathfinder Fiction Chronicler Volumes I, II, and III. Three flash fiction pieces have appeared in Haunted Water Press Penny Fiction. Currently she and her husband reside in Northeast Pennsylvania. When not writing she teachers writing, literature, and occasionally ninja skills.

Ewan Cummins lives in Danbury, CT. He is currently hard at work on a Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing, at Western Connecticut State University. Busy as he is, he still makes time for gaming online and at the tabletop. In addition to enjoying the outstanding Pathfinder system, he also likes to run and play Warhammer Fantasy Role-play, old editions of D&D, Boot Hill, Pendragon, and Classic Traveller.

Jarrett Sigler lives in Illinois, in a city hidden by corn-fields. A long time veteran of role-playing games. He enjoys making others laugh, sharing happy memories, and creating elaborate wonderful absolutely absurd situations for players to get into. Always good for a great story and a laugh, radiant mirth is his goal.

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